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Squad Leader Conversions
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Squad Leader Conversions

Scenario Germans Allies
A - The Guards Counterattack  Legion Rami
B - The Tractor Works Legion Rami
D - The Hedgehog Of Piepsk Legion KC
M - First Crisis at Army Group North Republished as ASL125
Q - Land Leviathans Republished as ASL127
T - Pavlov's House Republished as J82
W - The Defence of Luga Republished as ASL128

ASL Core Modules

Beyond Valour Axis Allies / Partisans
ASL1 - Fighting Withdrawal Legion KC
ASL3 - The Czerniakow Bridgehead KC Legion
ASL4 - The Commissar's House Legion KC
ASL5 - In Sight of the Volga KC Legion
ASL6 - Red Packets Rami Legion
ASL9 - To The Square Rami Legion
Paratrooper Germans US
ASL12 - Confusion Reigns Legion Jonathan Fry
ASL13 - Le Manoir JP Legion
ASL14 - Silence That Gun JP Legion
ASL16 - No Better Spot to Die KC Legion

ASL17 - Lost Opportunities

Pierce Mason Legion
Yanks! Germans US
ASL19 - Backs To The Sea Legion Peter Kossits
ASL20 - Taking The Left Tit Legion Roger Whelan
ASL21 - Among The Ruins Legion Martin Barker
ASL23 - Under The Noel Trees Legion JP
ASL25 - Gavin's Gamble Legion Peter Kossits
Partisan Axis Allies
ASL31 - The Old Town Legion Jonathan Fry
The Last Hurrah Attacker Defender
ASL45 - Revenge at Kastelli Rami Legion
ASL48 - Toujours L'Audace Colonel Custard Legion
ASL49 - Piercing the Peel Colonel Custard Legion
Hollow Legions Italian Others
ASL55 - Retribution Colonel Custard Legion
Croix De Guerre Axis Allies
ASL77 - Le Hérisson Legion Mario Aceto
ASL79 - Bridge of the Seven Planets Victor Legion
For King and Country Axis Commonwealth
ASL100 - Regalbuto Ridge Legion Chris Walton
ASL107 - Tettau's Attack Colonel Custard Legion
Armies Of Oblivion Attacker Defender
ASL112 - Out Of Cowardice JP Legion