Who is DaiJu?

Zen Meditation Course (Weeks 1-2)

Week 1:         How Do We Sit Zazen?
Meditation is not a matter of closing ones eyes and drifting off to ‘far better place’, it is an art that requires techniques practiced by Zen students for centuries; these techniques are called Zazen. I shall start off by showing how to take the physical posture necessary to align body and spirit and then teach the mental practices that allow us to focus our mind.

Week 2:         Why Do We Sit?
Now that we have our physical and mental posture settled we have to explore the question of purpose. Why do we sit? What can we hope to gain from it? This week we examine the way that the mind works and why it needs to be focused. We also understand that Meditation is about respect; respect for others and our world, but most importantly respect for ourself.

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