Who is DaiJu?

Zen Meditation Course (Weeks 3-5)

Week 3:         Right Seeing
One of the most important teachings of all religions is the need for reflection – to see our actions in the light of reality and learn from them. But how can we see things clearly without Right Seeing? We start to learn how to integrate our mediation into our daily life with this important lesson.

Week 4:         Right Thinking
So much of our day is spent in useless repetitive thinking. The ‘washing-machine mind’ is how describe the thoughts that constantly circle around inside our heads! Thought is a powerful tool, but just that, a tool. Like any useful implement we should be able to pull it out and use it at the right time, not carry it around with us all day and night. Even if we see things clearly we need to interpret them correctly as well and this s why Right Thinking is the next step on our Path.

Week 5:         Right Speech
We do not live in isolation. We need to share our experiences with other people and for this speech is essential. Right Speech is not only about learning how to speak clearly and openly but it is also where our Path of Zazen starts to alter the focus from reflection on our self to reflection on our interaction with the world at large.

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