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Zen Meditation Groups (Weeks 9-10)

Week 9:         Right Mindfulness
Continuing on from Right Effort we start to turn inwards again as we understand that it is our responsibility how we feel and our responsibility how we act. How we interpret the world and react to it is an indication of our own state of Mind.

Week 10:       Right Concentration
In this final week of the course we look at the most important step of the Eightfold Path. We return to the starting place of our Journey as once more we delve into our own Mind and our own Path. Having sat together as a group we have come to see the world in a different way and come to realise that meditation is not another hobby or way to fill time. Zazen is the solid core around which we can build our whole life. Right Concentration is the name of this step.

Weekly Groups are available at your home, office or social club
A Meditative Energy Workshop is also available which teaches Qi Gung and Zen Meditation.

Private classes for individuals or groups can be arranged by contacting DaiJu directly.

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