Who is DaiJu?

Zen Meditation

The Venerable DaiJu ZenJi offers Zen Meditation classes for individuals, groups or organisations.

Zen Meditation allows us to learn how to find that true centre from which we can live our life in a stress-free and peaceful manner.
By finding our own centre we become harmonious.
By existing in harmony we are able live, work and play more joyously and efficiently.

Classes start by teaching the physical and mental posture necessary for meditative awareness, they then explore ways to use this awareness in our day-to-day life.
The classes are non-denominational and the Ven. DaiJu has over 12 years of experience teaching the young and old of all Faiths.

It is suggested that the 10-week Beginners Course is the best place to start. It quickly allows you to experience a level of meditation which is hard to find taught elsewhere

Private classes for individuals or work groups can be arranged by contacting DaiJu directly.

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